Welcome to Freebies! You've made a great choice, but I know you have some questions. Well don't worry because we're going to answer them! Below are some of the most common questions our fans have about how to claim free samples and how Freebies works. Read through this quick guide that will help you to receive the all best samples available.

What Will I Find On Freebies?

Think of us as your search engine for free stuff, but what exactly is free stuff? We'll find all kinds of samples, free trials and freebies. A freebie is a full-sized product that you get for free, where as a sample is usually a smaller-sized product. Free trials usually involve a sign-up of some sort and sometimes require a credit card submit, more on that later.

There's more than free stuff on Freebies. We also find the most exciting prizes for our users to win. We have a combination of sweepstakes sponsored by other companies, as well as sweepstakes set up personally by us. We like to give back to our fans so keep your eyes open for these!

We know how difficult it can be to stretch a dollar, but we have a lot of ways to help you do it. From printable coupons, to deal alerts to online shopping. We're dedicated to helping you hold on to your hard-earned money. You'll find all sorts of helpful tips and tricks to save money too!

How do I get the freebies?

When you see a free sample that you would like, click the link at the bottom of our blog post. It’ll usually say “Get Your Free Sample” or something along those lines. Clicking that link will take you to an external site with a form. Just fill out that form and submit it, and in the next eight weeks you can expect to find a free sample in your mail box. Let me take this moment to make sure you understand – just clicking LIKE or SHARE on Facebook will not get you a free sample.

Is it Freebies.com that sends the free samples and coupons?

No, Freebies is like a search engine for free samples, we don’t actually send them out ourselves, we just find them and share them.

When I click on the link I always see a “page not found” message – why?

Are you on mobile? Many free samples and sweepstakes are not open to mobile users. If you see “page not found” that is usually what has happened. All of our sweepstakes are now mobile friendly.  Even though this problem is becoming less frequent as mobile use grows we recommend using a computer when requesting Freebies whenever possible.

Why do I need to give my credit card information?

You don’t. NEVER give out your credit card information. All of the Freebies we share never require your credit card information. Sometimes you will get a free month trial (like Netflix) where you will need to give your details. We will explicitly tell you if that is the case. A good rule of thumb is that if you're surprised that you have to enter in credit card info then DON'T. Also very important to note is that if you enter in your credit card info you will likely have a charge coming to it at some point. Read carefully and make sure you know exactly how much and when a charge will be due. Most free trials have a date that you can "opt out" of in order to avoid a charge.

Why do I have to register to receive a free sample?

You do NOT have to register with Freebies.com. We have no login or password requirement. We do have a newsletter you can sign up for to see the latest and greatest, but it is not a requirement. Brands often ask for your address because they need to know where to send your free sample. It’s always different companies sending out free samples, so that means unfortunately you have to fill out a form each time. By the way, sometimes brands ask you to answer a few questions before you sign up; this is because they want to know how they can improve their products to better suit your needs.

Will I Get Spam Emails?

You will not be put on any Spam email lists when you request a Freebie on our site. You will likely get a lot of emails from companies and brands that you request Freebies from however. Remember, these companies aren't just giving away free stuff from the goodness of their hearts, they are trading their goods for your email address so that they can advertise to you. Here are some tips on how to keep your inbox spic 'n span.

Will you sell my information?

No, we would never do that! In fact, Freebies.com doesn’t even ask for your address or phone number. Sometimes we link to free sample forms that collect this information, but that is only so they know where to send your free samples. We only write about brands that we love and trust  If you’re concerned, we’d encourage you to check out our privacy policy, along with the privacy policies of any companies you may be requesting free samples from.

I don’t have a printer. Can I still use your coupons?

Lots of our coupons don’t need to be printed out! Saving Star coupons are a great example of this. For the other coupons that do require a printer, I recommend stopping by your local library or print shop. You can get coupons for pennies a piece; that’s cheaper than most clipping services!

Why is this Freebie only available in certain states?

Sometimes companies want to test their product in a small geographic area before they launch it nationwide. Don’t worry though, we are always looking for great new offers and there are bound to be many similar freebies available in your neighborhood soon.

It says “there are no more freebies available”; when will there be more?

Unfortunately lots of people want free stuff! That means that popular Freebies often run out quickly. Depending on the sample, there may be more released the next day, but this it not always the case. Make sure you check your email first thing in the morning to ensure that you are among the first to hear about a free sample. Also, check our home page often because we blog about free samples all day long.

I can’t enter my phone number, why?

Try adding a space or dashes in your phone number; each form is a bit different.For example:(123)456-7891 or 123-456-7891 or 1234567891. This can happen with addresses too so try out a few ways if you are running into problems.

I clicked on a free sample link and it’s taking me to a different offer / error page, why?

If the brand’s site is experiencing technical difficulties, you may be directed to an error message. We do our very best to re-direct you to a similar freebie. In the case that you get a blank page, feel free to post a comment letting us know or try again later.

That should cover a lot of your questions, but if there's anything we didn't answer here please let us know! We'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for taking a look at Freebies.com we hope you love it!